What sets ATM apart from the crowd?

What sets ATM apart from the crowd?

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We could be The Difference You’ve Been Looking For. We have earned a reputation for being organised, competitive and very good at what we do. We credit that to our unique corporate culture and the incredible people we’ve been able to recruit, retain and improve as a result.
We serve the customers of partners on the local, national and global levels equally well, and we’re always adding new capabilities to stay well ahead of the customer service curve.
There is no ‘best’ way, but we never stop looking for a better way.

All of our work is focused on people. Our people.Your people.Your customers. None of them are faceless, and they all respond best to respect, engagement and other people who truly care.
Each member of our team is supported by an experienced, highly trained team manager, who is in turn supported by an Operations Manager and a Director who are at the top of their fields.
We work as a well synchronised unit, with technology, process and strategy all feeding in to make the ‘people’ level work better, providing you with ever improving outcomes. We know we’ve only done the job ‘right’ when we’ve exceeded your expectations and delivered the kind of outcomes you need to make your business thrive. AT Management provides reliability, security and easy scalability.

Our people may make it possible, but what we deliver to you is easier to quantify: the highest possible levels of customer engagement, call consistency, voice quality and overall customer experience. Our infrastructure has been custom built to support our people in achieving your business goals.
We rarely transfer calls to other operators, instead making sure that every operator has all the information and authority they need to help the customer themselves. Our infrastructure is multiply redundant, to the extent of retaining many call carriers and data providers, so that even in the event of multiple failures your customers still receive a flawless experience. We can even keep pace with rapid changes in the nature of your campaign due to the highly virtualised and standardised nature of our systems. Secure data means satisfied customers.

Good data security would be essential even if it wasn’t the law. As a result, AT Management never outsources our voice or data work to 3rd parties or 3rd party networks. We have an entirely private, bespoke network that was designed with security, stability and performance in mind. That means we can guarantee the security of our systems and your (and your customers’) data to an unprecedented degree. Neither your customers’ user experience nor their data integrity can be put at risk, even when things go wrong. Not just on the cutting edge, but pushing it forward.

We have enacted one of the most robust business continuity plans in the industry, ensuring that even in the face of the most unlikely disasters, we’ll never leave our partners at loose ends. Our connectivity is resilient, reliable and multiply redundant. All of our data resources pull from a pool of available equipment, so virtually all of our systems would have to go down simultaneously before there can be any degradation of capacity. We update our remote back-up servers every 20 seconds, as well.
Even in the direst emergencies, we would suffer no more than a 5% loss of capacity, far less than the buffer we preserve. As a result, we can deliver an astounding 99.9% service level, and are happy to make that part of our contract with you. Flexible, evolving service delivery

AT Management relies on flexible, creative and highly efficient resource planning to deliver outstanding performance to each of our partners and of course their customers.
However, life is messy, and so are the demands of your business. To keep up with those demands, we have one of the most robust, flexible workforce management platforms in the industry as well as the nuanced governance tools we need to meet your business needs as they evolve – no matter how unexpectedly or inconveniently they do so.
We plan for maximum efficiency, but we also plan for when things go wrong. Service delivery is about balance, flexibility and the capacity to take up the slack when our partners need it most!

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