January 20, 2023

Our 2022 ClimateWise Winter Report

Our climate positive journey is off to a flying start, as we work to become carbon neutral and offset our carbon footprint.

ATM x ClimateWise

Since announcing our partnership with Climate Wise back in June 2022, we’ve been striving to make even the smallest changes, which we know will collectively make a big difference.

We’re adapting our everyday thinking in order to become more considered with our actions and what impact they could have on our planet.

Who are ClimateWise?

Climate Wise is an organisation that allows everyone to make a difference by gaining donations from companies and investing in global projects and initiatives, offsetting business carbon footprints.

As a telecommunications company, we know that we need to work hard to reduce emissions within our business and offset those that are unavoidable.

After six months of first partnering with Climate Wise, we are proud to share our first winter report and a recap on our carbon footprint for 2022. Here are the numbers…

At ATM we have donated $26,131.68 to date and offset 2,516.57 tonnes of CO2, which is the equivalent to 235,185.09 trees planted. We have also offset 12,228,791 miles (based on a typical family car).

Better together

In 2023, we want to do better and find solutions to be more climate conscious. Our goals are clear and by sharing them with our employees, and incentivising them to get involved, we can work together to achieve them.

Donating as a business is just one small part of our climate positive journey.

We will continue implementing small physical changes within our business; ensuring single use plastics are prohibited onsite, encouraging car shares, use of public transport and cycle to work initiatives.

What’s next?

By offsetting our carbon footprint as a business and donating to climate projects, we can start to wipe clean our personal and professional carbon footprints, helping us work towards being a net zero business. ATM are on track to reaching this.

We’re taking responsibility for the sustainability of our business and ensuring we can confidently offer our employees a career within a company that has a good sustainable reputation and future.

We’ll continue trying to do better today, to ensure we all get a better tomorrow.

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