August 2, 2023

Introducing our Accelerate Programme

Learning and Development Manager, Chris Fenner is our expert when it comes to new starters, induction training and employee development. Alongside our team of ATM trainers and coordinators, Chris creates and implements learning management systems and induction content for some of our biggest clients.

Chris is also responsible for the ATM Accelerate Programme, our future development programme which covers areas such as interview training, shadowing and upskilling. Here Chris talks to us about what the programme entails, how it was developed and what it means for the future of AT Management.

What is the Accelerate Programme?

ATM Accelerate is our people development program. It allows our people to progress, upskill and explore new opportunities within ATM. Its aim is to support our employees and let them lead on how they train and develop within the company. Accelerate is split into four interlinked pathways which are all listed below.

1. Accelerate Learn

With access to over 500 plus modules through our LMS Litmos (an online development application for businesses), our employees can boost their own skills and knowledge on a range of subjects, not always related to their current job role. This can support our staff both in and outside of the work environment.


3. Accelerate Prepare

Some employees may want to progress and apply for new jobs within ATM. Not everyone likes interviews or applying for new internal positions. Accelerate Prepare can help individuals get interview ready and assist them in getting that new role. 

2. Accelerate Shadow

ATM employees can explore other roles in the business by shadowing different departments. Each team member that goes through Accelerate Shadow will have a designated contact and a shadowing plan. This will support the team member in understanding the role, giving them an opportunity to “try it out” and to get two-way feedback.

4. Accelerate Develop

Once a member of staff has gone through their New Starter Training, we will continue to develop them through Accelerate Develop. This will include on the job training and refreshers, to ensure they’re always up to speed. If they are successful in getting a new internal position, we also have dedicated training plans to support them in their new role.


How long have you been developing the programme?

I have been developing the Accelerate Programme for almost as long as I have been at ATM, but we have officially been building it out and starting to implement it over the last 12 months. As the business grows and develops, we will adapt and increase its offer around the needs of the company.

Why did ATM feel this programme should be developed?

From a recruitment and retention point of view, it is important we implement programmes that can be deemed attractive to new starters and to retain our existing talent. If the right opportunities don’t exist within a business, it is only natural that employees will move on to new roles within other companies.

I also firmly believe that having a robust Learning and Development programme is the

right thing to do. Businesses owe their staff a duty of care and should always offer support mechanisms throughout each stage of someone’s career.

We are still classed as a smaller company, but we are growing fast. If we implement good practices now, then it will always be part of our business values going forward.

Where do you start when developing a Learning and Development programme like Accelerate?

It’s a process that takes time and will keep evolving. We look at success stories within other businesses, gaps within the company and, most importantly, conduct interviews and focus groups with our employees. At the moment we are performing ‘learning needs’ surveys. We are undertaking interviews with operational staff, managers and team leaders, looking at refresher training and asking employees what they think is missing. We constantly look at how we can improve on our training and ensure we engage with employees as part of the process.

How have employees responded to the Accelerate Programme?

Accelerate has been well received so far and we’ve had some really good feedback.

As we are in the early stages, we don’t have a huge amount of official data we can review and monitor yet, but that will come in time. We have seen great interest in the Accelerate Shadow pathway, and it has been great to see employees across the business work together, encouraging upskilling.

Call centres do naturally have a higher turnover of staff, so seeing employees already undertaking shadowing or enrolling on self-development courses, shows us there is an interest in training and progressing through the business.

Why do you think it is important to give employees the lead in their own development?

Everybody’s journey is different, and everyone learns differently. We have tried to build Accelerate in a way that gives people different options. It’s important to allow people to plan their own career path. We can advise and signpost, but it isn’t up to us to dictate what their journey looks like.


What next for the Accelerate programme?

We will continue developing and growing the programme. Part of that is the skills surveys we are undertaking, plus building on the induction training so every single job role has its own specific pathway.

Eventually, we would also like to investigate how we introduce accreditation into our future training. But for now, it is about getting the basics right and listening to our employees, so we create a programme that works for them and the business.



At ATM we want learning to be fun, learning to be smart and most

importantly, learning that looks to the future.

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