Sir Dave Brailsford’s Concept of Marginal Gains and The 1% Principle

Sir Dave Brailsford’s Concept of Marginal Gains and The 1% Principle

wynne99 13th April 2020 0 Comments

The Marginal Gains Theory centralises around small incremental improvements in any process, which, when cumulatively added to the bigger picture, produce a significant improvement.

From cycling to education, we are finding that focusing on small changes and applications can have huge advantages. This tried and trusted strategy is known to be so effective that ignoring it would simply be irresponsible. But how can we apply this 1% strategy to business?

Companies and organisations are large collections of processes that piece together to deliver a product or service. If we are able to take a step back and observe each process individually, we can improve those processes from the ground up. This concept is what delivers real results.

Where your communications processes are concerned, this is where AT Management comes in. We examine every big and small piece of your process puzzle, and look for ways to make small improvements. We discover where waste can be eliminated, duplications can be removed, and gaps can be filled – a little at a time as though to not disrupt the flow of your business. And we do this by simply asking, what can we do that the competition isn’t doing yet?

In addition to implementing the concept of Marginal Gains, we also implement the practice of continual improvement. This allows us to make sure that the changes we implement are not only relevant at the time of their inception, but that they remain relevant consistently.

This additional practice combined with the concept of Marginal Gains will ensure that your business communications run flawlessly, effectively, and economically.

At AT Management we apply these theories to our company internally and have seen their benefits firsthand. We are confident and excited about the prospect of applying them to your organisation as well, and in turn, watching your business continually succeed.

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